About me

Working with software since 2005, and have done projects for several target environments including Desktop, Web, Small devices, Cell phone and Hardware integration.

Believes that Software Engineering can make the individuals really productive. Engineer is someone who can measure, and you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Communication and collaboration is the basis of software development. How much software do you know that is work of just one person? The “Genius Programmer” is a myth.

Testing and documentation are part of the software. Only tests can show the intangible and virtual things that information represents. Testing is the only way we can see and measure the unpredictable behavior of the abstract and invisible.

Pichler is Software Engineer Specialist graduated by UTFPR, and post graduated by SENAI with a IBM partnership. Besides working with software, he also have attraction by sports, business models, start-ups, entrepreneurship, leadership, stock market, music, tourism, technology, art and design.