Open Source

Open source is awesome! I believe software is more than engineering, it can be art and remix. However, open source is not the answer for everything, and not even applicable to any business model. Sometimes, companies have keep secrets to stay competitive.

Software must be build like a car: well-oiled parts and components working harmoniously, assembled in way you can replace, change and reuse it.

Some personal contributions

Part of what I have done is private, for business purposes. Some public is listed below:

  • Bovespa Stock Quote: Component to request stock market quotations of the Bovespa (Brazilian Stock Market).
  • Cofis Receita Exporter: Component to export digital files to Brazilian Government. (Componente para exportação de arquivos digitais para a Receita Federal brasileira)
  • UOL Emprego Certo Java Library: Component to request jobs and opportunities published at UOL Emprego Certo Brazilian site. (Componente que possui métodos para retornar empregos e oportunidades do site Emprego Certo do UOL).

My GitHub account is here.